AWS encryption between Regions, Availability Zones

One thing I could not find an answer on was: Is the data between AZ’s encrypted or no? I finally got my answer. [Read More]

Syncronizing files with different computers

There have been several software packages in the past few years which did pretty much that: synchronizing data with different machines.  If you have a few computers, it’s hard getting that data between your machines. So for example let’s say you have a laptop and a workstation. Microsoft released Groove a few years back which basically synced your data to each other. The problem is, if the 2 machines weren’t on simultaneously, and on the network, then the data would not sync. [Read More]

Acronis True Image hangs on boot

There have been a number of machines that I tried to boot with the Acronis True Image Rescue CD only to find that the booting would hang. What you need to do is press F11 when you are taken to the screen which gives you the screen selection of boot to windows or acronis. A window will popup with quiet written in it. What you need to do is enter the following: [Read More]

Exchange 2007 allow relay

I ran into an issue where I was unable to send email to external clients from my Xerox Workcentre 7435 Multifuction Printer. This machine was used to basically scan documents, create a PDF, then email to a recipient. I was able to do this to internal addresses no problem, but the moment we tried to put in an external address, we were not successful. [Read More]

Exchange not accepting email from outside to distribution groups

In Exchange 2007, by default no one from the outside is allowed to send to your distribution group. So in your exchange message tracking, you will see this the message. In the message tracking log you will see this: [Read More]

Please restart windows before installing new programs.

I received this error while trying to install Siemens Step 7. To get around this issue, open registry and navigate to [Read More]

Exchange resource booking past 180 days

By default, Exchange 2007 sets calendar resources booking to 180 days. The error you may receive is the following. [Read More]

ADMX central store for group policies

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 all have the ADMX files locally on the system. In your systemroot folder, you will see a policy definitions folder. This is what you are looking for. [Read More]

Apply group policy to windows 7 or XP

When you utilize group policy, there are different administrative templates for Vista, XP, and 7. Instead of having to create a new OU for XP vs Vista and 7 clients, you can use WMI filtering to apply the correct policy based on OS. [Read More]

Windows only recognizes 10GB of space

Sometimes we overlook the issue that is presented to us by not looking at the simplest things. So I ran into an issue where the machine was running Windows XP 64bit and things were running great. All of a sudden my computer reported 10GB for the drive. [Read More]